Destroying haters by cultivating ignorance.

(Just watch the video, it’s enough for you to understand.)

There are a spectrum of trolls who don’t want you to succeed.

Ideally, you never ever meet them or you set your environment so you don’t ever see them.

I’ve just given you an argument for “Safe Spaces”.

But should you encounter, Here’s a system of dealing with them.

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Damien Chok: An Australian success story you have never heard of.


The Boston Major – a DOTA2 Tournament – is currently underway.

A serious sport. Professional betting companies have taken notice. Of course anyone will take notice if $3,000,000 is on the line.

The media is coveting and hoping for a certain gamer to be a success story.

Which is good. The media is wise to cover a market rapidly rising.

I’ll profile someone who’s already reached the peaks they are coveting.

You may know him better as kpii.

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Be Curious (Featuring Dave Rubin)

So I have had the privilege to listen to a private seminar / podcast / Q&A / mind-mastering session with Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report, who I believe should he play his cards well can tip the Left to a greater horizon.

And I learned a lot from this 1-2 hour session from Mr Rubin.

Especially that I ask shitty questions and will need to improve.

And his passion for Seinfeld, a comedy show about nothing according to someone I’ve talked to. But don’t remember why he said that.

Could be a good question to ask him next time.

But the biggest idea I got from Mr Rubin.

This should be a million dollar idea to be honest.

“Be Curious”

Curiosity killed the cat this isn’t.

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Three Degree University

Once upon a time there was a Madman. The Madman was displeased. The youth who work under his wing are lazy and unprepared! They have to be trained again to adhere to his professional standards! The Madman concluded the system of education had failed the youth. He hated the system young people have been growing up in with such vengeance enemies have been vanquished by simply questioning his beliefs.

“I do not like this. The youth are learning nothing! This time they have should be the spark of their quest for knowledge!”

So naturally, he created And thus, the Degrees he declared would be offered were:

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Theology

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2017 is the Year of the Feast

And you thought 2016 was bad.

No. It’s going to get violently worse.

So bad the pure horror of 2016 will be nothing compared to what will happen in 2017.

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